What is a Treepreneur?

A treepreneur is a tree entrepreneur. Wonder Plant lifts disadvantaged people out of poverty by showing them how to run a business and manage a tree nursery.



Ashwell Musonza

Ashwell's favorite part of being a treepreneur is the freedom that it allows him to learn and grow. 

Rekai Mapenda

Rekai overcame a debilitating injury after a robbery by working for Heart Capital, and is eternally grateful for this opportunity. 

Valentine Tichaona Kagura

Valentine is interested in a cleaner, safer world for his daughter to grow up in. 

Jealous Jamela "JJ"

The financial and emotional security of being a treepreneur is JJ's favorite part of his job. 

Forget Bell

Forget is using his earnings as a treepreneur to save so that his wife and daughter can move from Zimbabwe with him in South Africa. 

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