Hello,  I'm Captain Wonderplant. Let me make your school greener and reduce your carbon footprint, alright?



I'm Captain Wonderplant.  I'm a force of nature in the fight for clean air! My special power is my ability to replicate myself. But I need your help to activate my powers. Without you I can’t make another me. Here’s what you must do: Buy me, plant me, and when my shoots are 15cm long, snip me and plant me again, and again, and again. You can spend the rest of your life making more Captain Wonderplants. And every one of us will spend at least two hundred years fighting to reduce CO2.  Come on, let’s do it together and enjoy clean air!

Hi there, 

I'm Captain Wonder Plant.  I'm a super hero in the fight against climate change.

How We Plant

Dig a hole the width and depth of a coffee mug

Remove outer wrap and gently place tree in the ground

Sprinkle a few centimeters of compost into the hole

Fill the hole with sand or dirt, sprinkle with water and give me a little love!

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