Planting & Care


Planting and caring for Spekboom trees is really quite simple. Follow our step-by-step process and watch your miracle plant flourish. 

Dig a hole the width and depth of a standard spade

Sprinkle a few centimeters of compost in the hole

Remove outer wrap and place tree gently in the ground

Fill the hole with sand, sprinkle with water, and give your tree a little love


Bury half the stalk in soil to give the plant deep roots

Remove the leaves from the bottom of this cutting to make a bare stalk

Cut a small branch off of your spekboom tree (if you haven't already received a cutting)

In time, the cutting will grow into a beautiful, carbon reducing spekboom tree!

Spekboom Trees

Spekboom Cuttings

Did you know Spekboom can be propgated from itself? Talk about a sustainable wonder plant! From just one Spekboom tree, you can grow yourself a forest, grow awesome gifts for your friends, or just practice your gardening skills. Follow our directions below on how to plant your Spekboom cutting and soon you will have a flourising Spekboom tree. Pretty cool, right?

Keep plant in sunny area but give it a little shade a few hours a day in the first week to establish roots

Water every 2-3 days so the soil is moist (like a squeezed sponge); after one month, cut back to watering only once a month

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