Raise funds for your school & plant a spekboom hedge!

Neuralize your school's carbon footprint

Every day hundreds of cars come to your school to drop off and pick up kids.  This produces tons of carbon dioxide each year which pollutes the air and destroys our precious planet.  We must do something to reduce your school’s CO2 footprint. Don’t worry, we have a great plan, but we need your help to make it happen.



Together, we can fight against CO2 emissions. 



I can help you to reduce your carbon footprint. I am a mighty Spekboom tree. I have the power to remove ten times more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other tree on earth, and I have an amazing ability to replicate myself. This makes me, Captain Wonderplant, a force of nature in the fight for clean air. But I need your help to activate my power of replication. Without you I can’t make another me. Here’s what you must do: Buy me, plant me, and when my shoots are 10cm long, snip me and plant me again, and again, and again. You can spend the rest of your life making more Captain Wonderplants. And every one of us will spend at least two hundred years fighting to reduce CO2.  Come on, let’s do it together and enjoy clean air.

Hi there,  I'm Captain Wonderplant. Let's reduce your carbon footprint, okay?



Our Program

We introduce Captain Wonderplant to your school through posters and stickers long before he arrives.

•Captain Wonderplant arrives at your school and tells all the kids about the importance of environmental preservation at an assembly meeting.

•Our team teach your learners how to plant a hedge of Spekboom trees at your school, and show them how to propagate more trees in future.

•Captain Wonderplant recruits a “special ops team” of Learners who propagate Spekboom trees for Wonder Plant.  We buy the trees from your school, thus earning you money in future.

"We teach Learners about environmental preservation and climate change, and the importance of living in harmony with Mother Earth."

How can schools raise funds with Wonder Plant, you ask?  It's easy!

We invite the Learner's parents to off-set the carbon emissions they produce driving to and from school each day by purchasing one or more 30cm Spekboom trees, and then planting ‘em at home or at your school. 

30cm trees sell for R50 each and give the school 20% of all monies raised


Plant Days are great fun for the whole family.  Why not organize a Plant Day at your school? 

Ask us for information.


Who Benefits?

The School

By planting Spekboom trees 50cm apart you can create mighty hedges in & around your school premises.  Spekboom hedges enhance beauty, security and safety, and most of all - reduce carbon emissions 24/7/365.

The Learners

Learners are taught about the environment, and shown how to propagate and grow trees for a brighter, greener future.

The Community

Each purchase from Wonder Plant directly supports our local township growers. Each sale means a chance for these individuals to earn a living, support their families, and better their future. Feels pretty good, right?

The Earth

It's pretty simple - every spekboom tree planted makes the world a greener and more beautiful place. With reduced carbon in the atmosphere and greater green spaces, our grateful earth will breathe a sigh of relief.

Schools in under-privileged areas can request


At Wonder Plant, we're passionate about two things:

reducing carbon footprints and lifting people out of poverty. 

Contact us: info@heartcapital.co.za

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