Our Projects



Wonder Plant builds big and small labyrinths made from Spekboom to promote mindfulness about carbon reduction.  If you have a premises with 10sm to 30sm of unused land and would like to

join our carbon mindfulness movement then contact us to learn more about our turn-key solution.


Zen Pods


Wonder Plant builds Zen Pods, which are small quiet enclosures made from Spekboom hedges for folks to de-stress, relax, reflect, meditate, pray, mingle or meet.  This is a great way to put your company's CSI spend to good use, and enable your staff to enjoy the benefits daily.  

Captain Wonder Plant is our super hero who fights climate change with his special power - his ability to replicate himself.   He educates and encourages children to neutralize their carbon footprint by planting and propagating Spekboom trees.  



Our Wonder Plant Franchise Program recruits and establishes Treepreneurs across the country to provide Spekboom trees to our nationwide customer base.  

The Great Labyrinth of Africa


Wonder Plant is proud to be the exclusive supplier of 90,000 Spekboom trees for the Great Labyrinth Project, which is currently designing and building the largest labyrinth on the African continent.  

This global landmark will serve as a living monument to environmental preservation on our beautiful planet and to remind us all of the dire need to reduce our individual carbon footprints in the fight against climate change.  Visit www.greatlabyrinth.co.za

Advocacy & Activism


The Wonder Plant team are environmental activists and get involved in advocacy work in the field of climate change, carbon sequestration, environmental preservation and community greening.  We strongly believe it is critical to initiate and activate campaigns that raise awareness of these life-threatening issues.  Call us for talks, workshops and presentations.

Contact us: info@heartcapital.co.za

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