About Us

Who are we?

Wonder Plant is a social enterprise owned and operated by Heart Capital.

Heart Capital invests into high impact, high growth social enterprises that address critical social and environmental problems in a way that is scalable, replicable and financially sustainable. 

For more information about Heart Capital and how to invest visit www.heartcapital.co.za. 

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What is our business plan?

What we do

Our aim is to make the world a better place by lifting people out of poverty, fighting climate change

with Spekboom trees, and making humanity mindful of its carbon footprint. 

How we do it

We empower people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to own and run Spekboom tree nurseries and provide them with entrepreneurial training and off-take agreements. We create the market for our "tree-preneurs" by creating exciting and innovative social projects that use Spekboom trees.   We promote mindfulness by buildings zenpods and labyrinths made of Spekboom.  We also supply nurseries, landscapers, developers and the public.  We are passionate about propagating and planting Spekboom, beautifying communities, building hedges, and inspiring everyone to propagate and grow our wonder plant.


Why we do it

We love helping people and we love our planet!   

Everyone should do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint.

Contact us to get involved.

Contact us: info@heartcapital.co.za

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